Welcome to Mario’s page

A few words about me:

  • I graduated with both a Dipl. Ing. from Mines Saint-Etienne School and a MSci in Astrophysics from the University of Barcelona.
  • I am currently doing at Ph.D at University College London, at the interface between Exoplanet Science and Data Science.
  • My current focus is on transit observations, and how to improve their overall processing and analysis. We want to make the best of current observations and prepare for the next missions which are going to gather petabytes of complex data.
  • Various sources of noise come in the way of the planetary signal (damn), and for that reason data processing pipelines based on traditional statistics have been developped to retrieve the planet and orbit parameters. Our approach is chiefly data-based, and betting on the recent advances of Time Series analysis, Machine and Deep Learning.

A few groups I am part of:

  • UCL Exoplanets (website)
    • itself part of UCL Astrophysics (website)
      • itself part of UCL Physics&Astronomy (website)
  • UCL Center for Doctoral Training in Data-Intensive Science (website)
  • Center for Space Exochemistry Data (website)
  • ExoAI project (website)
  • ExoClock project (website)